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Unique And Easy Ways To Mask The Taste Of CBD Oil 

CBD oil has gained immense popularity as a health supplement in recent times. A vast number of people use CBD oil every day to derive the various therapeutic benefits. Although people are really enthusiastic about reaping the benefits of CBD oil, not many people are fond of their taste.


If you buy pure CBD oil, it has an earthy taste to it and it is because of the fact that they are grown in the dirt. The taste of CBD oil is not bad per se but it is not favored by a majority of people. If you do not like the taste of CBD as well then here are some ways in which you can cover the taste of CBD.


Keep a snack handy

One of the best ways to get rid of the taste of the CBD oil quickly is to eat something immediately after you have ingested CBD oil. Generally, you have to keep the oil in your mouth for a minute and a half and once that time is up you can immediately eat something tasty to get rid of the taste. Keep snacks like chocolates are nearby so that you can eat it after you have had CBD oil.


Brush your teeth before ingesting CBD oil

If you have the habit of taking CBD oil in the morning or in the night then brush your teeth before taking the oil. Brushing your teeth will reduce the taste of the oil as your tongue will be filled with the aftertaste of the toothpaste and the taste of the CBD oil will be minimized.


Use mint

Mint is a great way to reduce the earthy flavor of CBD oil. If you’re looking for hemp oil to buy then that too has an unpleasant taste. Just like you would ingest a snack after taking CBD, chew some mint-flavored Tic Tacs or chewing gums or you can also keep some mint leaves under your tongue while taking the CBD oil. This way your breath will feel minty and you will be left with a refreshing taste on your tastebuds.


Don’t breathe through the mouth

Once you have administered the CBD oil under your tongue, keep your mouth tightly closed and breathe through your nose. This will not completely minimize the taste of CBD oil but the restriction in the air moving over the tongue will mask the taste to a certain degree. If you can hold your nose as well, this will reduce the taste completely.  A blocked nose is known t block taste receptors as well so holding your nose might work as well.


Use some honey

When you take the CBD oil by sublingual transmission (placing a few drops below the tongue) you can drop some honey under your tongue as well. Honey is a natural sweetener and when you take it along with the CBD oil, it allows your tongue to pick up the pleasant flavors rather than the earthy flavors of CBD oil.


Keep a drink close

Keep a drink nearby whenever you’re taking CBD oil. This way, once you have taken the oil you can wash the taste down with the drink. Juice or soda or even a few sips of water can help dispel the taste of CBD oil. Some CBD users also suggest coffee as a great way to reduce the flavor of CBD oil.


Mix the oil with edibles

If you absolutely can’t take the taste of CBD oil then the best way you take the oil is to mix it with edibles. Although consuming CBD along with food takes a longer time to absorb but it does get rid of the taste of CBD. 


Try with yogurt

If you do not feel too bad about holding the oil below your tongue then you can try something to wash it down with that masks the aftertaste of the oil. Yogurt is a great choice to get rid of the unpleasant taste of CBD oil. Eat a few spoonfuls of yogurt when you are swallowing the oil.