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Some Important Tips When Going For A Garage Makeover

Homeowners tend to neglect their garages because as far as they are concerned they are only good for parking the car and storing a few tools. So, you might be surprised by how big your garage is once you give it a makeover. You can do many things with the extra space like use it for a workout, set up your laundry space, etc. Or you can just enjoy how good a neat and clean garage feels. Your garage makeover can be either as complicated as repairing the door or as simple a flooring installation in Parker, CO.


Define Makeover’s Purpose

Define why you want a garage makeover before you begin making other plans. It could be to add space for a new car, to set a gym, to add a workspace, etc.


Define Makeover Schedule

Make a list of things you need to do in proper order. If you hire professionals, consult them about the time it will take to finish the project. Follow the timetable as much as possible.


Know Your Budget

Your budget will decide what you can afford for the project. Make a list of tools, materials and permits you need and calculate their cost. Check if your insurance plan covers a garage makeover. Arrange an additional twenty percent in case you need to spend more.


Consult Professionals

While you can do some tasks like coating the floor yourself, you may need professional help with a local garage door repair in Parker. Depending on your budget, you can either let a professional remodeler handle all of it or DIY some of it while calling professionals for jobs you can’t do.


Measure Garage

A good portion of your costs is based on your garage’s area. Use a measuring tape to measure its length, breadth and height. If it has an irregular shape then divide the area into regular shapes when you make measurements and add them.


Make A Map

Plan how you will arrange the space. Draw your plan on a sheet or a drawing app. Label the sections properly.


Clear Garage

This is a good time to get rid of all the items that are taking up your garage space that you could use for other stuff. Remove everything from the garage and sort them into different boxes. Keep the items you want elsewhere until you are done with the makeover and sell, donate or dispose of the rest. You will also need to park your vehicles in the driveway.


Call Pest Control

Rodents, bugs, etc. infest this area. You should call pest control to see if it’s infested and get rid of the infestation.


Call Plumber

If you plan on adding a wash area then you should call a plumber to add water hoses, sink, etc. Fix leaky pipes in the area if any.


Remove Mold

If the growth is limited to a small area then you can use baking soda to get rid of it. If it’s large then you need to call professionals to prevent it from spreading it to other areas.


Check Wiring

Search for signs of wiring problems like exposed wires, burnt outlets, etc. Check if all the lights and appliances are working properly. Call an electrician to fix them. You may also need an electrician to install new lights, security cameras, dedicated circuits, power backups, etc.


Check Garage Door

Check if your door is working properly and if it’s parts are intact. Call a local garage door repair in Parker if you need to. If you plan on using the space for other purposes then you can add glass garage doors to let in some sunlight.


Paint Walls

Apply the primer first then the paint. Match the color with the floor or the rest of the house.


Install Floor

The floor is usually concrete or epoxy. You can also use tiles and mats specifically designed for garage floors.


Arrange The Space

Once you are done with the flooring installation in Parker, CO it’s time to arrange the space. Install overhead storage, tool holders, cabinets, etc. Place the item you want to store in the proper storage. Park your vehicles.

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